Initial consultation

An initial consultation is an opportunity for you ask to some questions and get some answers. We will provide you with advice that will help you understand what you are dealing with and help you decide what to do about representation.

Common topics include:

1. The charges.

We can discuss the charges, including what they mean, potential defenses, and potential penalties.

2. The process.

We can discuss the process, including how things work with court and preparing for court.

3. The options.

We can discuss the options, including fighting the charges or working something out.

4. How we can help.

We can discuss how we can help, including the extra steps we take to ensure the best possible result.

5. The fee.

We can discuss the fee for the next step, including the choices for representation, the cost, and what it covers.

    By the end of the consultation, you should have a better sense of things and also have a feel for whether we are a good fit for you.

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